Our passion is for people to connect deeply with God, one another, and the world around them.

We believe the Gospel compels and the Spirit empowers every disciple to grow in the following life areas:


Loving God:

Striving for a closer relationship with Him above all else.

Discipleship questions:

“How would I describe the condition of my spiritual life?
How can I develop a grateful and thankful heart? 
How can I more consistently connect with God? 
What has God been saying to me? How am I responding to what I am hearing?
What known reoccurring struggles or sins in my life may be hindering my growth and maturity?”


Connecting Honestly:

Knowing and supporting others through life in an authentic community

Discipleship questions:

“How would the people who know me best describe my relationship with them?
Whom do I need to forgive? What am I going to do about it?
Who am I intentionally building community with to further their spiritual life?
What character traits do I need God’s Spirit to mature in me most?”


Serving Others:

Using the abilities that God has given us for the benefit of others

Discipleship Questions:

“How am I serving my immediate family and placing their needs before my own?
Who in my community do I need to help this week?
As I look around my community, what makes me angry? What breaks my heart?
How do I address this? How does God want to address this?”


Giving Generously:

Using our God-given money, time, and resources to advance the Gospel

Discipleship Questions:

“How do I like to live generously? What causes do I care about?
What plan do I have to use my money wisely?
How do I spend my time and what does that say about my priorities?
What priorities and fears influence how I use my resources?”


Sharing Jesus:

Sharing our joy in Jesus’ Good News through all our relationships

Discipleship Questions:

“How does my Gospel identity give me freedom in my relationships?
Who am I praying for that is close to me but far from God? 
Who do I want to share my grace story with?”